Saturday, 12 September 2015

[Laura Loves] Eskadron Walnut Matchy SetsBi

Following sites such as 'Fur Feather Meds' and 'Equissentials Dressage' along with others is quite detrimental to my bank balance as I'm constantly lusting over new matchy match sets. Eskadron is one of those companies that always brings out such lovely sets that I constantly fall in love with although I've never actually bought anything from! 

Their new range is no different and with a range of gorgeous colours available, you'll be spoilt for choice. One of the colours that I have my eye on is the 'Walnut' set. Initially, I wasn't too sure about the colour, but after seeing the colour on a grey pop up on my news feed I changed my mind and fell in love! 

There are various different pads on offer and below I have featured a couple of my favourites. These are priced at £55 each, although there is also a plain cotton pad for £25. Matching bandages are £20 as well as a fly veil for £25 (all prices are from 

Tri Colour
Big Square
Bi Colour

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