Friday, 21 February 2014

Yet another Chiro visit...

I really hope that one of these days, Pea will actually manage to go more than 2 months before having his pelvis rotate out of place again! 

Pea has been going really well in recent weeks, so on Sunday, when I wasn't getting the same result I had been I started to think something was wrong again. Pea has been a lot more forward in his work which has helped with straightness, yet on Sunday, every time I asked him to move forward more I got no response and then in the canter he found it really hard to stay straight and instead fell in towards the inside track. We normally do 45 minutes of schooling which he finds okay, however, on Sunday he seemed to find it really difficult and was really tired by the end. I decided to see what he was like on Monday and he turned out to be the same and not really working well, so after half an hour I decided to stop and called my chiro asking if she could come out. 

Luckily, she was able to come out Wednesday afternoon and although at first she couldn't feel much wrong, after we trotted up she said he looked quite stiff behind, especially in the right and after looking more, stated that his pelvis had indeed rotated again. Once again, she worked her magic and said that as I had called her early on it wasn't too bad and he wasn't tight in any of his muscles as he had been previously. She also mentioned that he is starting to look well and is definitely starting to build up more muscle, compared to the last time she had seen him, even if it is a slow process so at least that's one positive! 

He had yesterday off to relax and recover, and then today I'm just to take him for a stretch in walk to release any toxins but he is fine to return to normal work tomorrow so fingers crossed he continues to work as well as he had been! Also, as he's building muscle up, I'm hoping it means that he will manage to go the recommended 3 months before needing to see her again! 

Thanks for reading!
Laura xx


  1. What a pain, but great that you were able to get it sorted so quickly. I would imagine the more muscle he builds the less the problem will occur. Elaine

    1. yes, that's what I'm hoping! Luckily my chiro isn't overly expensive but with no job at the moment it's a bit of a pain! Laura x