Sunday, 23 February 2014

Dressage Writing

As part of my aim to do more volunteering this year I decided to do some dressage writing today after seeing one of my local competition centres asking for some writers. I have never written before, but decided it can't be too difficult and I have competed before so I have seen dressage sheets.

The judge I wrote for today was very nice and explained what she looks for in horses at different levels as well as what her pet hates are - I soon realised that she looks at riders hands a lot and really hates it when they use them to perform a lot of their movements rather than using their body! 

The judge explained that during a unaffiliated prelim she doesn't focus too much on horses appearance as she just likes to see a reasonable rhythm and a nice presentable image with the rider and horse. I think this is important as many times I have been competing and judge's have written comments that I believe are suitable for higher levels. It was also good to see other levels as the judge I wrote for covered Novice, Elementary and one Medium test which I really enjoyed. 

Overall I learnt a great deal writing today such as ensuring that when you use your leg you really need to make sure that you support the horse with your reins and that accuracy goes a long way! Furthermore, a little side not for all those who compete in dressage - make sure that you check whether you're to trot round in the arena, at the bottom or round the outside if it's not already clear as she did not like people who decided to trot round inside when they were supposed to trot down at the bottom! 

Thanks for reading, 
Laura xx

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