Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

2013 seems to have flown by so fast! It seems to weird to be in 2014 already, and no doubt there will be moments that I forget we're in 2014 and say 2013 instead! 

2013, as with most years, has been one with ups and downs. Pea's schooling seems to have come on in some regards, but the canter has been our biggest issue that we still haven't resolved but hopefully we are slowly chipping away at it! It can be quite disheartening to think I am still having issues with his canter and cannot do a simple, nice canter around the arena like most people, however I am hopeful that with him regularly having chiro treatments and the help of my new instructor we may finally be able to crack it this year! 

During 2013 I had aims of:

  • competing in Intro and Prelim UK Riders Final
  • Riding at Novice level and hopefully doing a test
  • Hiring arenas for jumping and getting more confident
  • Doing a jump cross lesson and taking him out cross-country again
Unfortunately I have not necessarily been able to complete any of these. We did not go to any venues that did UK Riders qualifying tests as we mainly went to Houghton Hall at the beginning of the year and instead qualified for second round Trailblazers again for 2014 so we have that to look forward to. We also qualified at the Houghton Hall Winter
Championships where he came third so I was happy with that. As for the novice dressage test, with his canter issues we obviously haven't been able to do this although we have occasionally had the odd go at one or two novice level movements whilst schooling. I have been unable to get out and hire and jumps, though we have a great set at home as the yard purchased a new set with fillers that we can use all year, rather than the Academy ones which are only used for mentoring and competitions (I am no longer a member). We have increased our confidence and managed to jump some bigger fences every now and then up to 2ft6 and are slowly getting over our filler fear, however I have not jumped as much as I used to so still a lot to work on! As for the jump cross lesson and cross-country schooling, I realised this year that I need a new body protector as mine has been stuck in a box for a few years and now is all bent and I doubt it fits any more! I may purchase a new one at some point, but for now I don't feel the need for one and do not have the funds to afford one. 

This now brings me onto my aims for 2014 which are quite relaxed:
  • really get his canter sorted and be able to do some nice Prelim tests without losing marks for his canter
  • try to jump more regularly
  • volunteer more
  • get fitter
2014 is a big year for me, with many things happening such as my dissertation, graduating university, hopefully getting a career job, my sister is getting married and it is my 21st! Plus various other family big birthdays and anniversaries! I would like to try and jump more regularly as I only seem to pop over a fence every few months, and yet show-jumping used to be my favourite and is what I wanted to do before. I would like to volunteer more at events, as Equestrian Event Management is what I am hoping to be able to get into once I graduate University. During 2013 I did not get round to doing as much volunteering as I would have liked due to work and university, although I did get to spend a week at Blenheim which I loved! Therefore, this year I am hoping to be able to volunteer more such as doing some dressage writing, more fence judging and anything else! I would also like to get a lot fitter for riding. I used to run when I was younger, and keep picking it up every few months only to stop again after a few weeks due to leg pain, so if anyone has any ideas on how I can get fitter then they would be greatly appreciated!

Hope everyone has a lovely 2014!
Thanks for reading, 
Laura & Pea x

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