Friday, 27 December 2013

[Monthly Review] December 2013

Apologies for not finishing my gift idea post, however things became rather busy and I was also ill so needless to say, not much got done and so I have a lot of uni work to try and catch up on as well as various other things. 

December has been a fairly quiet month as he has not done much work due to having the chiropractor back out and then me being ill as well as Christmas. The Chiropractor came out about two weeks ago and found that his whole left side was tight and his axis was higher on the left as well as his pelvis having rotated again to the left, so no wonder he was finding work hard! He was then due to do some light hacking two days later, but typically that was when I became ill so instead he had around four days off before going for a walk (or in Pea's case, jogging down the road on the way back pretending to spook at cars!). Luckily we didn't have to build it up quite as slowly as last time so he did four days of hacking and enjoying himself whilst I tried to build his fitness up. Unfortunately, we then hit the week beginning of Christmas and I was busy doing bits and bobs that I didn't have time to ride so I have currently allowed him to have this week off and will begin riding him again tomorrow, just hacking over the weekend before schooling again come Monday. 

I am hoping that after his chiropractor treatment and the use of my new instructor that
we can work hard over January to build his fitness up as well as improve his schooling through lots of suppling exercises and pole work. I am not sure when I will start competing again, I am hoping maybe February but it depends how well his schooling is going and my dissertation is also due in March as well as having three assignments and an exam to prepare for so we shall see, but I am really starting to miss competing! 

Sorry it's a short post, however hopefully January will signify a new start and I will also have my year review and plans for next year blog post coming up next week hopefully! 

Thanks for reading, 
Laura and Pea x

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