Sunday, 7 August 2016

[Lesson Report] Super Shiny Halo

After last weeks lesson where Pea rather lovingly decided to launch me off, this week he decided he'd best polish his halo and produce some top notch work!

He started out with a mediocre walk so we worked on half-halting to get his attention and then relaxing and giving a sharp nudge with my leg to get a reaction. When he didn't quite give the reaction I was after, it was backed up with a sharp tap from the whip. Before long, he was moving forward with a lot more energy and felt that if I put the slightest pressure on then he would trot. 

We changed the rein and worked the same on the opposite rein before moving into trot. Again, he backed off slightly so we pushed forward and got a much better trot. We worked round the arena a few times and did some transitions before changing the rein. Again, he gave a really nice trot so we did a few transitions and there was one moment where he napped near the gate but I lifted his head so he couldn't buck and turned him round followed by a swift nudge and he soon decided to head back into trot. 

As he was giving such a forward moving trot, we then decided to see how the canter planned out. I think this was one of the most relaxing canters he has ever given me! We were working in the top end of the arena and there's one side where he always plays up on either rein but this was never an issue through the lesson and not once did he back off or tense. 

We then came back to trot and worked on some 20m circles, again pushing for a forward trot when he backed off. We also decided to try the canter out again as normally Pea finds circles in canter quite tough but he was seriously being out of this world throughout the lesson. Again, there wasn't any tension, never once backed off and gave some of the nicest canter I've ever had from him. 

Fingers crossed this behaviour continues and hopefully we might head out to some winter dressage! 

Thanks for reading,

Laura xx

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