Friday, 15 July 2016

[Product Review] Canter Coat Shine by Carr & Day & Martin

This product is fast becoming my new favourite in my drawer of many sprays! I actually bought it on a whim (really didn't need any more sprays, we now have a bit of a collection) but I had ran out of mane and tail spray so thought this might be a substitute for a few days until I could get to a tack shop. When I first bought it, I rarely used it and could not get on with the new style 'equimist 360'. Needless to say it lived in my drawer and got forgotten about until a month or two ago. Now it's used nearly every day!

The product claims to help repel grass stains and mud whilst leaving the coat non-greasy and with an oil-free shine. I have to agree that it helps repel grass and mud as Pea does seem to be a bit cleaner when he comes in if he's had the spray applied which is always a bonus if you have a grey. The company also say that the spray can be applied to the chest and shoulders to help prevent rubbing from rugs. Pea wears a fly rug where possible during the summer and it does tend to rub at the front, however I have noticed that there are fewer rubs at the front after the spray has been applied. 

I also love how soft and silky Pea's coat is afterwards! It lasts for a few days despite him being out 24/7 at the moment and not always having the spray applied every day. It's not slippy so there's no issue with applying it before tacking up (although the same can't be said with his lightweight which slides off rather easily due to it's material). 

The Canter Coat Shine is a great product in my book and works a treat as either a last minute addition before a competition or for general every day use. 

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Laura xx

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