Friday, 8 January 2016

[Product Review] HyShine Miracle Brush

Each winter sees Pea decide that rolling is a a daily ritual and that there cannot possibly be a day that he comes in clean. Therefore, having a pretty good collection of brushes seems to be a bit of a must have for me including a drawer full of various sprays! 

I originally picked up the HyShine miracle brush from my local tack store as a hope of trying to remove some of the carpet and sand surface that we have from Pea's boots. However, after Pea came in virtually brown one day, I decided to test it out on him and now it's a new staple for grooming. It's very similar to the Magic brushes that are floating around and I can safely say that I truly get the hype with them now! 

I love my little miracle brush that much that I might need to grab a few
more. They're quite cheap and do a great job at getting rid of the large amounts of dried mud that Pea seems to keep getting covered with (can I also add that it's always the same side and spot!!). They're not too rough on his clipped areas but work equally as well on his rather fluffy legs and hind quarters. 

If you have a horse who likes to take regular mud baths then I would definitely recommend you look into getting either a HyShine Miracle brush or one of the magic brushes as they are definitely worth the hype! It's currently the only reason I can get Pea going from the picture one the left to the one on the right!

Thanks for reading,
Laura xx

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  1. Always great to read about products that work with horses; thanks!