Sunday, 4 October 2015

[Monthly Review] September 2015

I honestly cannot believe that we're into October! This year is flying by!

September hasn't been the greatest month if I'm truly honest. I've been having a few behavioural issues with Pea over the past month which has slowly been getting me down, before I finally decided to give myself a good kick up the backside and now I've decided that October is going to be a bit of a bootcamp month for Pea! 

On the plus side, Pea's hacking has been coming on better. He's generally not too bad out hacking but he can be so spooky over the silliest of things! The yard made a couple of new fields out on our hacking route so there's new fencing and gates. Normally nothing to be worried about. Pea, however, had completely different plans and the first time he saw the new gate he span round and tried to bugger off with me!! The next time, he froze no where near it and took a lot of persuading to go near to go the other way! I then decided we'd go the opposite way where he has to go past the whole fencing and everything which cause a few slow steps and some strong leg before he finally got past the first gate. Going up the track between the new fence and another fence caused one or two issues but the main one was when we got to the hill and the hedge had gone. He had no idea what to make of that despite the fact he used to spook at the hedge when it was there! Such an idiot! After a few more adventures out that way, he is now a lot happier and we can now trot up the hill! There's still a little way before we can return to cantering up the hill but at least he's now finally getting more confident! 

As mentioned, October is going to be a bit of a bootcamp month as I'm determined to get to the bottom of Pea's naughtiness and hopefully get some dressage tests done. He's seeing the vet in a couple of weeks to check on a lump and I will have a chat with him about any possible back issues but he will also be seeing the physio at the end of the month. He's now clipped which will make working him easier and then will be coming in at night, probably nearer the end of the month. Fingers crossed a little dressage pony appears somewhere along the lines!

Thanks for reading,
Laura xx


  1. Totally a Connemara thing!! Oscar is such a spooky pants, I've actually been using a new but recently which has helped me keep my contact rather than running through it or sticking his head up, gawping, ignoring me. It's a universal bit but plastic, called a beris so very soft in his mouth but

    1. has a little poll pressure & I'm loving it so far, will blog soon.
      It scared me at first as Oscar was purchased wearing a gag but from day one with me has only had a loose ring snaffle but if it keeps us safer out hacking I'm using it

    2. ah really?! How odd! Pea used to wear a gag out hacking (still does if I ever go in company as he's a sh*t) but now goes in a snaffle. He;s not crazy dangerous as he doesn't necessarily bolt, but as soon as he spooks at something he's on edge the rest of the way so you can hardly trot. I have been thinking about potentially trying a new bit as he doesn't always seem to listen in his so I'll look out for your post :) xx