Saturday, 25 July 2015

[Laura Loves] Equestrian Themed Bedrooms

It's been a short while since I did my last interiors post (read it here) and so I thought it was about time that I did the second post in the 'series'. This time, I'm focusing on bedrooms which is one of my favourite places! Below are a few of my favourites from Pinterest...

This one is probably my favourite. I love the simplicity of the whole room but the canvas is just amazing! I love photos where the subject is to the side rather than central, and although the background is grey and the horse is grey it works really well! It goes well with the whole room as well and makes it easier to coordinate the room. You could also use any colour you like for the accessories such as cushions and bed spread - I think I would definitely go for a bolder colour such as orange! 

I don't actually like the darkness of this room nor do I really like the lights shining on the photos but it is the photos which I love! In fact, I'm actually working with a friend to hopefully do a photoshoot with Pea and maybe recreate some images similar to those above as I think they would look great above the bed. I like that they are close-up images which makes them a bit different and I think they would actually work great with the first image above! 

This is probably more for a teenager as it does actually feature quite a lot of horse themes with the canvas, wallpaper and light but I secretly love it! I probably wouldn't go for the wallpaper but the neutral themes work really well and it's nice to have the canvas elsewhere in the room as opposed to being behind the bed. 

How amazing is this wall?! Probably slightly over the top for many people and I'm not sure that I would personally go for it, but I think maybe for a child's room it would be amazing! Especially if it was recreated from a picture of them jumping their pony! I love how it looks like they are genuinely jumping over the bed frame! You would definitely want to then tone the rest of the room down with more neutral colours but I just had to share this!

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Laura xx

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