Monday, 2 June 2014

[Monthly Review] May 2014


May has been a fairly quiet month once again due to assignment deadlines and two weeks of solid revising before my exam which was the 23rd and then on Friday my sister got married so last week was spent sorting everything out for that resulting in Pea mainly being hacked and only occasionally lunged or schooled. 

Pea has been a bit of a bugger schooling lately as he seems to think it is fine to pay little attention to me when I ask for a downward transition...Canter he thinks it's hilarious just to pull and lean on the bit and therefore not bend or anything :/ I'm hoping that now I have more free time I'm going to crack on with his schooling and fingers crossed he'll drop the leaning habit. I might swap to his loose ring snaffle, as opposed to the hanging cheek he currently has in, to see if that helps in any way and I am also trying to book a much needed lesson! I was planning on getting him out competing a week on Saturday, however, I've been informed that I am busy that weekend, and the weekend after so maybe at the end of the June we might get out... 

Hacking wise, Pea has been pretty good. He still likes the occasional spook at something that's non-existent, or that when I ask for trot he secretly thinks I mean canter, but luckily he's never strong or anything and will stop if I ask - unlike in the arena! 

I am now officially finished university (well, I guess I am after graduation..) but now it's out into the real world! I have an interview lined up this week but who knows?! It does mean that I might end up relocating somewhere and have to sort out accommodation for myself as well as Pea, so exciting/nerve-wracking times ahead! 

Sorry this is so short, I promise June will be better!

Thanks for reading, 
Laura xx

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