Saturday, 10 May 2014

Newmarket Guineas


Last weekend, I headed down to Newmarket to visit a friend who has been on placement there for the past year as she invited me along to the Guineas. I'm not a massive race-goer but I do love a good day out, especially when the sun is shining. I went on both the Saturday and the Sunday seeing both the 1000 and 2000 guineas as well as the other races which were held. I'm not much of a gambler either so don't really place many bets, but if I do then I rarely go for the favourite! I love it when the favourite doesn't win in some cases (so bad I know, but hey, it's horses!) and this was shown in the 2000 guineas when it was a complete outsider who raced over the finish line first! Must be such a great feeling for the jockey and trainer as well as owner to know that their horse who wasn't pegged for much wins! Just goes to show anything can happen! 

I love the whole atmosphere of the races where you get all the rich and posh people along with the commoners like myself! You also get a great mix of 'horsey' people and those who have very little idea other than that they have 4 legs and need to run fast! However, once the race starts, it doesn't matter your background, everyone just starts cheering loudly for whichever horse they have bet on...a lot of the time you just hear numbers rather than names! 

Have you been to the races lately? 

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