Friday, 1 March 2013

[Monthly Review] February 2013

Is it just me or did February feel like such a long month, even though it's the shortest month of the year? I felt like it went on for ages and now I can't remember what happened! 

February has been a rather busy month for me so I haven't been able to ride much. At the beginning of the month we went over to Houghton Hall EC for dressage (posted about here) which didn't go too well! So after that I spent the weekend just hacking and having a bit of fun. The week after I free-schooled Pea which showed he is quite all over the place really and finds canter hard. I was back to uni on the 11th and now have 4 day weeks which means Pea can't get ridden but my dad goes down and does him on a Tuesday for me, bringing him in and grooming him whilst feeding him - he secretly loves it! I then get back Thursday and ride him then :) We've mainly been hacking and a bit of schooling but I think it's really helped him getting out hacking and letting him have a stretch and he gets so happy hacking, no matter how many times we go! 

This week I've properly cracked on with his canter work in the school after his walk trot work has been going nicely and fingers crossed we're slowly getting there! Yesterday (28th) I got him to canter round the whole arena on both reins without stopping. It may sound trivial and like nothing but for me and Pea it's a big step! I then decided to show him the water tray that was left out and he happily walked over it and then cantered over it! Definitely a happy ending after spending 5/10 minutes complaining at him for not listening! I schooled him again today ready for dressage on Sunday and focused on the test movements and whilst they're not great they were reasonable! 

One of the stallions at Kildangan
Last week I spent the week in Ireland with uni on a study tour! We visited various places such as Troytown vets, Kildangan Stud (One of the prestigious Darley studs), Punchestown races (where we got to present a prize), RACE, Curragh gallops and various others which I will blog about just as soon as I manage to get round to it! I will also have a competition report after this weekend where we are heading back over to Houghton Hall for their winter championships! 

Hope everyone's February went well!
Laura & Pea x

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