Saturday, 22 December 2012

Achievements of 2012 & Plans for 2013


  • Getting to & competing at the UK Riders final and Pea producing a lovely test, just missing out on placing.
  • Coming home from each show (except the finals) with a rosette, sometimes two!
  • Winning in his Prelim earlier this month even though he finds canter so hard and hadn't cantered at home for a while.
  • Seeing Pea so happy in his work and very rarely arguing when we school, and even if he does have a 'paddy' it is so small and you can tell he doesn't mean it. 
  • Pea being happy in general :)
  • Qualifying for the UK Riders final in Intro and Prelim
  • Qualifying for the second round Trailblazers in Prelim - already done!
  • Start working at Novice level over the second half of the year and maybe try one competition
  • Get more confident jumping at home and hire arena's to school round jumps away.
  • Have a few individual jumpcross lessons and hire a cross-country course at least once. 
  • HAVE FUN!!
So those are my main achievements and plans. They may seem small, and possibly insignificant to others, but to me they mean a hell of a lot :)
Do any of you have any plans for next year? I don't necessarily feel I have to complete them all and I don't get down if I don't but it gives me and my instructor something to work on for the year! 
What are you achievements of this year? Please leave a comment as I love to hear how people are doing, no matter how small or insignificant to others they may seem, to you they'll mean a lot and that's all that counts! 

Laura & Pea x

Ps. Here are the links for the video's of his tests at Houghton earlier this month:

Intro A:

Prelim 14:


  1. Hiya,

    Thank you for pointing me in this direction. I love reading other peoples blogs :)

    Anyway, thought I would share one of my aims for 2013! I want to compete in a Medium level dressage test. Ceaser, my pony, will work to that level at home but the both of us seem to freeze when we are out competing and I panic that we aren't good enough. I would like to compete at the Petplan festival at Prelim level as well but it all depends on money! (Doesn't it always boil down to that?).

    Sian :) xx

    1. Hey! So sorry, just realised I never replied as I read the comment on my phone! oops! Aw, it's a shame you freeze when you're out but I'm sure once you get over that you'll find you do a lot better than you think! Just see it as a training exercise and not a competition, I always do and somehow end up doing alright! haha! Ah I know about the money thing! I'm in the dilemma of having a job to pay for it but it being a weekend job so I can't compete then and have uni in the week :/ ah well, fingers crossed something will come up!

      Laura xx