Thursday, 1 September 2016

Burghley Outfit [Day 1]

With Burghley on my doorstop I always try and make sure to get over to the event at least one of the days. Normally I go on Sunday with Mum but as she's in Australia this year and I'm working I ended up going today. Luckily, a last minute change of work days mean that I'm now also going on Saturday so I'll have to look for another outfit for then! 

White jeans are a classic staple for Burghley as they always look smart and go with so many things! I was originally going to wear my Jack Murphy beagle shirt but it was so warm today that I'm glad I went with this floral blouse which was a lot lighter! My longchamp bag was perfect as it fits so much in and looks ultra smart. I even took my Ralph Lauren tweed jacket in case it turned chilly but that didn't happen! 

Fingers crossed the weather stays warm for the rest of the week!

Are you planning on going to Burghley? If so, what are your staples for the event?

Thanks for reading,

Laura xx

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